What You'll Learn

  • Make Useful Connections

    Approach other creators and brands with ease, and learn how to work a convention floor like no one else.

  • Price Yourself Accurately

    Set prices that are fair for your industry, follower count and niche while ensuring that even in a worst case scenario you are making money.

  • Elevate Your Business

    Bring your business to the next level by learning all of the tips and tricks that other influencers are using to increase their revenue.


  • Rachel  David

    Rachel David

    Rachel David is a thought leader in the influencer marketing space. Working with some of the biggest online talents in the world she has been able to bring some of the most innovative brand campaigns to life. Rachel has over 10 years of corporate experience working in the media industry. Today she runs the influencer marketing agency Hashtag Communications and is Director of the Board for YouTube conference; Buffer Festival.


“Working with Rachel has consistently been a positive experience. She is reliable, professional and makes things happen! Knowing Rachel will be giving this course leaves me rest assured you're in good hands.”

Harley Morenstein of EpicMealTimeHarley Morenstein of EpicMealTime

“It's great Rachel finally put out a course! She's the girl to learn from! Working with Rachel David has been an amazing experience. We've worked on several business projects together and she's always so informative. Rachel has worked with me in the influencer marketing industry and she always keeps it professional and fun while getting the job done. ”

LaToya ForeverLaToya Forever

“Rachel is super knowledgeable about the influencer space and has always been wonderful to work with. She is also great at getting creators and clients to align on campaigns that are effective for both of them. She's great to learn from. ”

Andrew HuangAndrew Huang

“Rachel is the perfect person to learn influencer marketing from. When a lot of people were still not familiarized with the influencer marketing job front - Hashtag Communications and Rachel were ahead of the game to bring something incredible to the community! Since working with Rachel for almost 4 years, I've become connected to people and brands I could only dream of working with. Rachel and her team truly do an amazing job at sourcing out meaningful and long-term relationships with brands and talent. ”

Victoria BaldessaraVictoria Baldessara

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